Inauguration of design studio tahsin January 21, 2023

Inauguration of design studio

fashion design studio for sewing and cutting clothes, designer clothes, manufacturing, craft product.

Asrotex has emerged as a major player in the RMG industry since 1995 and has been producing all kinds of knit garments segment specially women’s and kids. We are always focusing on product development under the guidance to our Managing director. Products design one of our main strengths and we selling our design to global buyers.

There is no way without product development and design to attract global buyers and take right products price. Asrotex works for trend and innovation to run with the global.

Now Asrotex showcased variety of collections of garments for every global season.

Asrotex Group legend in developing the RMG sector producing garments for nearly 56 buyers for the EU, USA, and market. Our design studio concept from international design studio. We have a strong design team around 11 and we are closely working with our marketing team for product development.

Our design studio we are showcasing all kinds of sustainable products, eco-friendly, and recycled as per the fashion trend.From our design studio around 20-25 percent of design sales to our buyers. Our plan is to expansion our products varieties and team and we welcome all sustainable buyers come and visit our studio and see Bangladesh can make all kinds of value-added knitwear garments.

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